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Danushia  Kaczmarek

“There is a plethora of writings about Mary Magdalene

but ‘Scriptures of Magdalene’ is different and original.

Mary Magdalene came to Danushia and asked her to take notes to write a series of books.  

This first one is a dialogue between them, question and answer.  

There are parts which are Danushia’s personal experiences,

interspersed with exercises for the Reader to do,

to help them to open their hearts and to feel about things in a different way.  

So I recommend ‘Scriptures of Magdalene’ to those whose heart

is willing to open and willing to be ready to receive Mary Magdalene’s words.”

Joanna Prentis, D.Hyp, co-author of 'Power of the Magdalene' & 'The Magdalene Version'

“Danushia is a gifted intuitive energy healer,

who it turns out is an excellent channel for Mary Magdalene!

The daily messages given from Mary to Danushia in ‘Scriptures of Magdalene’

are truly inspiring and full of love.

I read them every day and highly recommend you do too!”

Dean Shrock, Ph.D., author of ‘Why Love Heals’

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